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12,843 taxpayers have been informed for the Fiscal Package 2019 in 14 regional meetings

In the framework of the campaign to inform the taxpayers regarding the legal amendments to the Fiscal Package 2019, the General Directorate of Taxes held meetings as per a dedicated calendar in the 14 Regional Directorates of Taxes.

In these meetings, held during January 15th – February 28th, 877 fiscal consultants, economists and accounting experts participated, who represent 12,843 taxpayers nation-wide.

The aim of these meetings was to get them familiar with the amendments to the fiscal legislation, implement them as accurately as possible and duly inform the taxpayers.

During these meetings, the experts of the GDT and Regional Directorates of Taxes, delivered the necessary information, as well as they invited taxpayers to continue and use all communication channels available at the Tax Administration, in order to ensure a fair implementation of the legislation.

The taxpayers’ representatives, in all these meetings, appreciated the professional approach of the Tax Administration to accurately inform on the Fiscal Package 2019.

The Fiscal Package 2019, entering into force on January 1st, 2019, aims to improve administration in revenue collection, reduce costs of tax compliance, whether from businesses or from the administration, but also to encourage timely declarations and payments.

This package aims to facilitate tax procedures, encourage the development of several sectors like: agriculture, tourism, energy, innovation, etc.; to reduce fiscal evasion and tax evasion, as well as to facilitate communication mainly online, whether with line institutions as well as with taxpayers.

The employees of the Taxpayers’ Service are currently providing information on the business premises, through dissemination of materials and brochures as well.