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The Directorate of Large Taxpayers is selected as the directorate of the month for its revenue performance

The Directorate of Large Taxpayers has had a positive performance with regards to revenues generated in 2018, compared to the previous year, as well as it has maintained the same pace in the first two months of 2019. Therefore, it has been selected as the “Directorate of the month”.

Referring to the data, this directorate has collected a total of ALL 94.5 billion in tax revenues or around 0.5% more than planned for 2018 and around ALL 5.9 billion more than the actual 2017.

Currently, the Directorate of Large Taxpayers administers 724 taxpayers. This directorate has had a good performance even with regards to the taxpayers’ service, by establishing an on-going and stable communication method, through periodic information, in order to encourage self-compliance, increase indicators of debt collection, prohibit the generation of new debt, as well as through intensification and monitoring of inspection.

The main objectives of this year for the Directorate of Large Taxpayers are: to maintain positive indicators, increase the level of taxpayers’ compliance, inform taxpayers, but above all to treat them equally and accurately.