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The GDT meets with the KCA to deepen cooperation among two counterparty institutions

The Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri, welcomed in an official meeting the high-level delegation from Kosovo Tax Administration led by the General Director, Mr Ilir Murtezaj.

This meeting was held in the framework of cooperation and share of experiences among both counterparty administrations.

During his speech, the Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri, provided a brief presentation of the progress of work in the Tax Administration, as well as highlighted the reforms being undertaken for the implementation of the best international practices.

“The cooperation until now among the General Directorate of Taxes and the Kosovo Tax Administration has been extremely positive in the area of information sharing and we will continue to follow this approach in order to further increase cooperation” said Mr Çurri during his speech.

On the other hand, the General Director of KTA, Mr Murtezaj, also on behalf of the delegation accompanying him, deemed as excellent the relationships among both administrations, and meanwhile appreciated the will to further increase information and experience sharing in the area of taxes.

Also based on the inter-institutional cooperation agreement, both tax administrations are continuing their work to evaluate the needs for joint trainings, what would help to enhance the professional capacities of human resources.

During their visit, the directors of the KTA had the possibility to visit the premises of the Call Centre, as well as those of the Taxpayers’ Service Directorate in Tirana, where they also got familiar with the manner how taxpayers are being informed and assisted.