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More than 4000 taxpayers have been informed on field regarding the amendments to the Fiscal Package 2019

The Tax Administration is dedicating a special attention to the information of taxpayers to get them familiar with the legal amendments to the Fiscal Package 2019. Therefore, the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service are conducting information visits in the business premises.


Referring to the data, more than 4000 taxpayers have been informed until now on field.


Apart from the information on the main amendments to the tax legislation, the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service in the 14 Regional Directorate of Taxes are disseminating information brochures and materials as well.


The goal of the Fiscal Package 2019 is to improve the administration of revenue collection, reduce costs of tax compliance, whether from the business but also from the administration, and to encourage timely declarations and payments as well.

This package aims to facilitate the tax procedures, encourage the development of some sectors like: agriculture, tourism, energy, innovation, etc., reduce fiscal evasion and tax evasion, as well as to facilitate communication mainly online with line institutions as well as with taxpayers.


The General Directorate of Taxes would like to encourage all taxpayers to participate in the dedicated informative meetings with its experts, as per the calendar defined for each regional directorate of taxes.


In case of any additional information or unclarity, the taxpayers can call the Call Centre at the free green line 0800 00 02, as well as the Live Chat service at