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The directors of the Regional Directorates of Taxes undergo a training on the Fiscal Package

The General Directorate of Taxes held a training with the directors of the Regional Directorates of Taxes related to the changes in the Fiscal Package 2019.

The aim of this training was to get familiar with these changes, implement them as correctly as possible and duly inform the taxpayers.

The GDT has foreseen such training for all its structures at central and regional level.

The goal of the Fiscal Package 2019 is to improve the administration of revenue collection, reduce costs of tax compliance, whether from the business but also from the administration, and to encourage timely declarations and payments as well.

This package aims to facilitate the tax procedures, encourage the development of some sectors like: agriculture, tourism, energy, innovation, etc., reduce fiscal evasion and tax evasion, as well as to facilitate communication mainly online with line institutions as well as with taxpayers.