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The GDT approves the plan of international assistance for 2019

The General Directorate of Taxes held the 11th meeting of the Committee of Reforms, where it approved the plan of international assistance for the Tax Administration for 2019.

This plan envisages cooperation projects with international donors and counterpart Tax Administrations.

Among others, the plan of assistance includes expert missions from counterpart administrations, in the framework of the European mechanism TAIEX in order to approach with the best international practices related to tax investigation, tax inspection, legal and technical department, as well as forced collection.

Moreover, a cooperation has been foreseen with the Tax Agency of Kosovo, Ministry of Finance and Economy, TCTCA and Customs Administration to establish a joint training centre.

The assistance from the International Monetary Fund will be extended in the area of risk management, debt management and to increase the professional development of the Large Taxpayers Service.