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The Directorate of Taxpayers’ Service in Tirana has now modern premises

All taxpayers and individuals can now receive services in entirely reconstructed and contemporary premises at the Taxpayers’ Service Directorate in Tirana.

This office which provides services and consultancy to taxpayers, has continuously demonstrated professionalism in its wok, as well as in establishing correct relations with them.

In the modern premises of the Taxpayers’ Service Directorate operate 14 front desks, a consultancy office, a corner of information on the Co-governance Platform, as well as a room entirely dedicated to different trainings of staff and taxpayers.

The Taxpayers’ Service Directorate in Tirana also provides assistance on different issues through 14 specialist it has on field who conduct visits in the business premises.

For January – December 2018, this office has carried out 48,781 direct contacts with taxpayers and individuals, which have enabled to receive quick services, assistance and information on all the cases raised.

Also, during 2018, the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service Office have carried out 21,296 consulting visits, mainly to small taxpayers included in the VAT scheme, on the information campaign in the framework of the tourism season, etc.

Currently, this directorate is implementing an extensive information campaign for the legal amendments to the Fiscal Package 2019. Dedicated trainings are being held with the staff, economists, accounting experts, whereas taxpayers are being informed on their business premises.

One of the core values leading the Tax Administration is to increase trust among the taxpayers’ community through provision of qualitative services in an as professional as possible manner.