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The General Directorate of Taxes participates in the Business Forum hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce

The Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri, as well as other senior officials of the GDT attended the Business Forum held today, an annual meeting hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Mark Crawford, the president of the American Chamber of Commerce, held the opening remarks, whereas Mrs Alketa Uruçi, in her quality of the Chairwoman of the Committee of Taxes, presented some issues which concern the members of the chamber regarding the VAT refund, unfair competition, fiscal evasion, latest legal amendments, facilitation of the fiscal burden, unification of procedures and technical decisions, reduction of administrative costs for the business, etc.

The Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri, made a presentation of all the positive progress of the activity of the Tax Administration and mutual relationship with the business during 2018. He shared with the participants the significant achievements, reforms under way to modernize the administration, increase service quality, as well as to reduce administrative costs for the business.

“2018 has been positive for the Tax Administration, which not only fulfilled its annual program of revenues for the state budget, but, most importantly, managed to achieve the key performance indicators related to the taxpayers’ service, selection for inspection based on risk, improvement of quality in tax inspections, fight against informality, collection of outstanding liabilities, etc”. said Mr Çurri.

Later on, Mr Çurri spoke about the main objectives of the strategic plan followed by the Tax Administration and which relate to improving the level of tax compliance, increasing tax revenues, ensuring as qualitative as possible services for the taxpayers, as well as raising their awareness to abide by the tax legislation.

A special attention in the Deputy Director’s speech was dedicated to the work being conducted to modernize the tax online system, which constitutes a landmark development that is very important to increase accomplishments and voluntary compliance of tax liabilities in line with the best international practices.

Moreover, Mr Çurri focused on other important cases raised by the members of the American Chamber of Commerce like the VAT refund, for which he stated that the GDT has worked to ensure a complete regulatory framework in order to facilitate the implementation and unification of the procedures. “An important document in this process is also the “VAT refunding regulation” based on risk analysis, which aims to set out rules and procedures to be followed by all Tax Administration structures”, said Mr Çurri during his speech.

The Deputy General Director of Taxes confirmed the commitment of the GDT to find joint solutions to any problem of the business, by recommending meetings at expertise level in order for the issues to be addressed and solved on time.