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The RDT of Shkodra is proclaimed the directorate of the month for its revenue performance

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Shkodra has had a positive performance with regards revenues generated in 2018 compared to the previous year. Therefore, it has been proclaimed the “Directorate of the month”.

Referring to the data this directorate has collected, net revenues amount to approximately ALL 5.4 billion or around 0.16% more than planned for 2018 and around 9.08% more than in 2017.

The RDT of Shkodra currently administers 6053 taxpayers. This RDT has had a good performance also related to taxpayers’ service, when in 2018, around 18,748 taxpayers have been assisted “one to one”.

The registration of new businesses has also been positive, which figure increased with around 19% compared to 2017.

Among the main objectives for the RDT of Shkodra for this year are: to maintain positive indicators, increase the level of voluntary compliance in taxpayers, as well as to provide timely and cost-effective services to individuals and entrepreneurs of this region.