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The RDT of Saranda holds an informative meeting with taxpayers on the Fiscal Package 2019

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Saranda held an informative meeting to introduce the amendments to the tax legislation of Fiscal Package 2019. It was attended by 40 economists and accounting experts that represent the majority of taxpayers in this region.

The Fiscal Package 2019 aims to improve the administration of revenue collection, reduce costs for tax compliance whether from the business as well as from the administration, but also to encourage timely declarations and payments.

The business representatives appreciated the professional approach followed by the Tax Administration to inform them regarding the main amendments to tax procedures, income tax, value added tax and national taxes.

The directors of the RDT Saranda ensured that taxpayers will receive information and due assistance at any time and in all manners to rightly and accurately understand the amendments to the legislation.