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The GDT provides more services online. The result is much fewer visits at the front desks

During 2018, the General Directorate of Taxes has provided a number of services to taxpayers, individuals and public institutions, whether online or in the front desks, at no cost and at any time.

Referring to the data, 626,956 certificates have been granted via e-Albania portal by the Tax Administration during January – December 2018 for interested individuals and entities, as well as directly by the employees of the institutions involved in this portal. The majority are certificates for payment of social insurances and healthcare contributions, received by individuals or entities, but also certificates for payment of liabilities, etc.

The provision of services online, has resulted in a considerable reduction of direct contacts with the administration, of long queues and waiting time. For 2018, 41,153 certificates have been granted in the Taxpayers’ Service Office front desks, whereas for 2017, approximately 250,000 certificates were granted in front desks.

The Tax Administration would like to encourage the receipt of services through e-Albania portal and remains committed at its maximum to provide the taxpayers with qualitative services at any time and at lesser costs.