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The RDT of Durres holds an informative meeting with taxpayers on the Fiscal Package 2019

The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Durres held an informative meeting to introduce the amendments to the tax legislation upon entry into force of the Fiscal Package 2019. The meeting was attended by around 70 economists and experts who represent the majority of businesses in this city.

The key legal amendments are mainly related to: Tax procedures, income tax, value added tax as well as national taxes.

During her speech, the Director of RDT in Durres, Mrs Valbona Sako, said that the taxpayers of this region can receive at any time the information and required assistance to better understand the legal amendments coming into force. The businesses will also be informed on the premises of their activities by the Taxpayers’ Service employees. Also, brochures and informative materials will be disseminated.

The business representatives appreciated the commitment of the Tax Administration to inform, as well as its professional approach.