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The RDT of Tirana holds and informative meeting with taxpayers on the Fiscal Package 2019

The Regional Directorate of Tirana held an informative meeting with taxpayers to introduce the amendments to the tax legislation upon entry into force of the Fiscal Package 2019.

The key legal amendments are mainly related to: Tax procedures, income tax, value added tax as well as national taxes.

During the meeting, the heads of the Taxpayers’ Service Office and GDT representatives highlighted that all legal amendments and those under drafting process (by-laws/instructions) can be found at the official website of the General Directorate of Taxes.

The taxpayers will be informed and assisted at any time not only by the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service Office, but also through the Call Centre which can be contacted via the free line 0800 00 02, as well as via the Live Chat service at

Then, in the main RDTs, informative meetings will be held with the business, whereas the best experts of the Tax Administration will provide trainings in order to understand as correctly and as best as possible all the legal amendments to the Fiscal Package 2019.