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The Regional Directorates of Taxes are providing information to taxpayers on the changes to the Fiscal Package 2019

The Regional Directorates of Taxes have undertaken an intensive information campaign with taxpayers and the public to present the amendments to the tax legislation, upon entry into force of the Fiscal Package 2019.

Sets of brochures containing thorough information on legal persons, natural persons, farmers, ambulant vendors and individuals as well as the respective legal amendments affecting these categories have been distributed in all the Taxpayers’ Service Offices in the 14 RDTs.

These amendments have also been displayed on the screens of the Taxpayers’ Service Offices, whereas there is always assistance present in the front desks for interested taxpayers or individuals.

As of February, the specialized employees of the Taxpayers’ Service Offices will also inform taxpayers on the site of their business activity.

Through this campaign, the Tax Administration aims to not only provide information, but also to increase the level of compliance, declaration, as well as the accurate payment of tax liabilities.