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January 10th is the last deadline to declare books for small VAT taxpayers

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to bring to the attention of small business taxpayers with a turnover of ALL 2-5 million, that January 10th, 2019 is the last deadline to declare and submit the books of sales and purchases for October-November-December 2018.

This is an obligation which bears no penalty, but that must be fulfilled by the taxpayers because these data constitute the basis to further complete the simplified VAT declaration.


The Tax Administration is ready to assist you during the process of completing and submitting the books of sales and purchases.


Therefore, it would like to invite you to visit the “Corners of Assistance” dedicated to small business in all the Regional Directorates of Taxes (13 effective corners). In these corners you can receive all the required assistance, in order to accurately meet the legal obligations.


Moreover, in case of any unclarity you can call the Call Centre at the free green line 0800 00 02, where an operator will assist you on due time: from Monday to Thursday 08:30 – 18:00 and on Friday 08:30-16:00. You can also use the Live Chat service at:

In order to get acquainted with the manner of completing and declaring online the book of sales and purchases, please click the following link: