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Inspection from the office; 137 inspectors have been trained on the implementation of the new manual

The General Directorate of Taxes has begun with the implementation of the new manual of inspection from the office.

In order to ensure an as correct and efficient as possible implementation, the General Directorate of Taxes has held training sessions dedicated to inspectors and heads of 14 Regional Directorates of Taxes.

A total of 16 training sessions have been delivered since November, which have been attended by 137 inspectors, who deemed such manual as indispensable, as it serves to a more efficient organisation of their daily work.

This document sets out the working tools to guide inspectors regarding the steps and techniques to be followed in order to perform a successful tax inspection from the office. Moreover, the manual sets out all the procedures to be followed by the inspectors from the office to monitor tax declarations, as well as the accuracy of paying tax liabilities by taxpayers as per the economic activity.

Through this approach the Tax Administration aims to encourage taxpayers to increase the level of tax compliance.