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The GDT holds a concluding meeting with IMF. The progress regarding the modernization of the system receives positives remarks

The Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri, held the concluding meeting with the International Monetary Fund assistance mission. The IMF mission led by Mr Steve Vesperman, Technical Assistance Advisor, comprised of Mr Allan Jensen, IMF expert for the South-East Europe, as well as other external experts like Mr Michael O’Grady, Mr Paul Duffus and Mrs Telita Snyckers-Norgaard.

During his remarks, Mr Çurri expressed his gratitude to the IMF for their cooperation and assistance in the progress of reforms undertaken to modernize the tax system. The GDT, said Mr Çurri, has now tangible indicators that the core reforms, like the one to professionally develop the human resources, continuously improve the working processes with regards to the compliance risk management, increase capacities for qualitative inspection, increase efficiency in debt collection and strengthen the information technology, are giving the due outcomes.

On the other hand, Mr Vesperman, appreciated the progress made by the Tax Administration with regards to its reformation, as well as the positive progress in the fiscal indicators. He highlighted the need to push even further the reforms initiated for the purpose of achieving the highest standards.

The General Directorate of Taxes remains committed to continue with the reforming process, set out in its strategic plan, which will ensure approximation to the best international practices, improvement of the performance indicators, enhancement of the voluntary compliance of taxpayers and reduction of fiscal evasion.

During the two weeks permanence in Tirana, the IMF mission held meetings on various topics with the respective directorates in the GDT and some Regional Directorates of Taxes.