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Tax Investigation conducts inspections in 2,928 entities; the amount of violations reaches to ALL 51.9 million

The Tax Investigation Directorate is continuing with its inspections on site in the centres of the main cities in Albania in order to reduce informality and increase revenues.

Referring to the data from this directorate, during the period November 1-26th, 2,928 entities have been inspected, whereas tax legislation has been violated in 1,499 of them amounting to ALL 51.97 million.

The main penalties are as follows:

  • the premises have been seized in 19 taxpayers for 30 calendar days for failure to issue a tax coupon (second time). Also, the premises of 3 taxpayers have been seized for failure to install the fiscal equipment (second time).
  • 73 taxpayers have resulted as non-registered in the Tax Authorities, whose activity has been seized till the moment of their registration as a VAT entity.
  • 508 taxpayers have resulted in violation of their obligation to issue a tax coupon (first time).
  • 69 taxpayers had not installed fiscal equipment and 82 did not keep them in operation.
  • 307 taxpayers have resulted in goods possessed without the proper tax documentation.
  • 193 taxpayers have been penalized for failure to declare their employees, whereby 176 fall under the tax liability of “small business” and 17 entities fall under the tax liability of “large business”.


The Tax Administration mainly aims to raise awareness and educate taxpayers to increase self-declarations, as well as to accurately fulfil their tax liabilities.