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Meeting with the IMF mission on the progress achieved and reforms undertaken by the Tax Administration

The Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri, welcomed in a meeting the assistance mission from the International Monetary Fund who is currently staying in Tirana. The IMF mission led by Mr Steve Vesperman, the Technical Assistance Advisor, is comprised of Mr Allan Jensen, IMF expert for the South-East Europe, as well as other external experts like Mr Michael O’Grady, Mr Paul Duffus and Mrs Telita Snyckers- Norgaard.

In his remarks Mr Steve Vesperman expressed his satisfaction for the cooperation up to date between IMF and the General Directorate of Taxes, as well as for the efforts being undertaken to have as a better fiscal performance as possible.

During their permanence, the IMF mission will focus on several relevant issues such as: 

  • The implementation of the recommendations given by the previous IMF missions;
  • The progress of reforms undertaken by the GDT;
  • The review of the progress made regarding the GDT Strategic Plan 2017-2021 and the respective operational plans;

The high representative of IMF, Mr Vesperman, expressed his full support and the support of the team led by him to assist the Tax Administration.

The Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Çurri, also expressed his gratitude for the fruitful cooperation with IMF in order to make the Tax Administration as efficient and reforming as possible. Mr Çurri highlighted that the fiscal performance has been positive during this year and the same are the expectations for the rest of it.

The IMF mission will be staying in Tirana till 3 December 2018. During this period meetings are being held on various issues with the respective directorates at the GDT.