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The launching of the risk management evaluation and the updated plan to address it

The General Directorate of Taxes held its 20th meeting of the Compliance Committee, during which the risk management evaluation was launched, the updated plan to address it, as well as the new and enriched list of economic sectors division.

The meeting chaired by the Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri, was also attended by Mr Steve Howlin, IMF expert, who for more than one month has delivered dedicated trainings to the Risk Management Directorate, on which conclusion a risk analysis was conducted on one of the economic sectors.

During the presentation, Mr Howlin said that the aim of the trainings from the IMF mission is to assist the Tax Administration to approach to the best models on risk management for various sectors.

The Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Çurri, expressed his gratitude to the IMF for all the contribution provided in the further training of HR, as well as in developing a sectoral report on a risk group, which defines the risk assessment, incompliance, proposed strategies how to address it, as well as the core actions.

This model will serve to enhance the experience up to date in conducting complete risk analysis, as well as to undertake further steps in increasing the taxpayers’ compliance.