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Strengthening inspection from the office as a tool to encourage voluntary compliance of taxpayers

The Tax Inspection Directorate at the GDT held the monthly meeting with the subordinate structures to report on the progress of tasks assigned to the Regional Directorates of Taxes.

During the meeting, the main emphasis was put on strengthening inspection from the office, as a tool that encourages voluntary compliance of taxpayers.

The inspection from office is being oriented towards meeting the following key targets:


  • Performance of tax liability payments related to the Tax on Rent by registered taxpayers, for which the Tax Administration has begun the relevant verifications on site.
  • Increasing the level of tax compliance by taxpayers that operate in the sector of construction and fuel trade, who have declared a decrease of turnover.

Verifying those taxpayers who have uncertainties or inaccuracies in their declaration and that result as importers in the customs, but that appear as passive in the Tax Authorities; those that purchase from businesses with a passive status, as well as those that appear to have inaccurate declaration of sales.