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RDT of Kukes has been proclaimed as the “Directorate of the month” for its modernization of the Taxpayers’ Service premises

All taxpayers at the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Kukes can now receive services in thoroughly refurbished and modernized premises in the Taxpayers’ Service office.

Therefore, for all the work conducted to modernize these premises, which are decent to welcome taxpayers, the RDT of Kukes has been selected as the “Directorate of the month”.

Such directorate, which manages 1962 businesses, has continuously demonstrated professionalism in its work, as well as in establishing correct relations with taxpayers.

Referring to the data of RDT in Kukes, for January – October 2018 only, 10,710 contacts with taxpayers and individuals have been carried out via all direct and online communication channels. The online communication platforms have enabled the fast receipt of information for all issues raised, thus reducing direct contacts with the Tax Administration.

Moreover, in the framework of the information campaign to include the small business in the VAT scheme, referring to the data of the RDT in Kukes, 20 entities received information on the procedures at the Corner of Assistance, whereas 100 small taxpayers were assisted on the site.

One of the core values that guides the Tax Administration is also building trust among the taxpayers’ community by means of providing qualitative and professional services.