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Manual of Ethics on the delivery of public services in front desks

The Taxpayers Service offices operate in every Regional Tax Directorate and they provide services to taxpayers, whether online or at the front desk.

Now, also pursuant to the DCM No. 625, dated 26/10/2018, all these offices shall operate in line with a new manual of ethics, which is unified for all employees providing public services.

The Manual of Ethics on the delivery of public services is a comprehensive summary of the values and principles that must guide the employees in their daily work.

The Manual aims to serve as a guideline regarding how the employees act during the provision of public services.

Moreover, it also determines the general principles of ethics and behaviour applied in the relations among all levels of employees, as well as among employees and citizens with whom they have administrative interactions.

Making the communication with taxpayers and business easier and efficient is at the core focus of the General Directorate of Taxes and one of its primary goals.