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“Mysterious client”; the project evaluated GDT for its professionalism and high standard services

The General Directorate of Taxes received a maximum evaluation in the report on Public Services 2018. Developed by the Institute for Development Research and Alternatives (IDRA), the Centre Gender Alliance for Development (GADC) and the Centre for Information and Development (CID), the project “Mysterious client: Evaluating the performance in public service delivery from central institutions”, affirmed the efforts undertaken to significantly improve the services provided today to the public, in a short time, and at a low cost and without any bureaucracies.

Thanks to the commitment and professional work, the Tax Administration was maximally evaluated during the visits from the “Mysterious client”, at a general index of 81 points. The services provided were evaluated for the achieved standard.

According to the data of the survey, the Regional Directorate of Taxes in Korça received 94 points (a standard of 100% almost in all dimensions), followed by the RDT of Berat with 91.3 points, RDT of Elbasan with 86.7 points and RDT of Vlora with 86.2 points.

The dimensions of the “Waiting time” and “Employee behaviour” received the highest evaluation for the institution as a whole. Moreover, a positive evaluation was also for the active interaction between the employees and the citizens, information delivery, as well as the competent transmission of knowledge on services.

The findings of the survey showed that in 75% of the “mysterious” visits, interaction with employees was very good and excellent. In the majority of the cases, the “mysterious client” felt welcomed by the employee, who treated him and other citizens, waiting to be serviced, with respect.

Regarding the “Presence of employees in the branch”, in 60% of the visits it was considered as very professional.

Among the elements with the highest evaluation, in the framework of the “Professionalism of the GDT employees”, the highest evaluation went to the fact that the employees had a civic behaviour and did not talk on personal issues, as well as they had a very good communication, using an adequate voice tone and pitch.

The General Directorate of Taxes remains committed to further improve the services, provide them as per the international standards, and increase trust among the public and taxpayers.