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The General Directorate of Taxes holds a joint training in cooperation with USAID on transfer pricing

The General Directorate of Taxes is holding a training on capacity-building in the framework of fighting informality.

This training is held in the framework of the cooperation between the General Directorate of Taxes and the project “Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC)” supported by USAID. Experts from the Australian Tax Administration are assisting the employees in “Building the capacities of the GDT on the functioning of the transfer pricing and assistance in the fight against informality’.

From June 25th till July 6th, the employees of the GDT and Directorate of Large Taxpayers will get acquainted with the best international practices on the functioning of the transfer pricing, as well as the steps to be taken in the future regarding the organizational aspect and addressing practical cases of inspections.

Moreover, assistance will be provided in building the capacities of the tax inspectors in the fight against fiscal evasion, in taking short- and long-term measures focused on fighting fiscal evasion as well as their implications in the risk assessment, inspection and tax investigation.

The General Directorate of Taxes dedicates a special importance to the development of the administration capacities, increasing the level of know-how and expertise, through the best international practices.