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On reflecting the changes to the National List of Occupations

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to inform all taxpayers that as of July 1st, 2018, the payrolls that will be generated by the system for the tax period of June 2018 and that will be submitted online from 1 to 20 July 2018, will reflect the reviewed codes of the occupations, as per the National List of Occupations approved by DCM No. 514, dated 20/09/2017 and published in the Official Journal No. 169, dated 22 September 2017. (The National List of Occupations, as amended, can be accessed by clicking the following link: )

These changes mainly relate to the addition of some new categories of occupations, changes to the current categories, as well as the invalidity of some categories of the National List of Occupations used till the enforcement of the above decision.

The implementation of the above changes to the payroll will enable their automatic update in most of its part. Therefore, the taxpayer will submit his payroll without necessarily updating the category of occupations whether it has changed or not.

Those taxpayers that have at least one employee, that the system identifies the “Name of the occupation category” as invalid according to the new list, cannot submit the payroll without first changing/updating this category. The system will automatically display a warning message, through which the taxpayers will be informed on the details of the employee that need to be manually updated. Then the taxpayer must click in the area of the category and select the occupation or function that is adequate for the specific case.

The GDT would like to inform you to verify and update the above changes in your payrolls, as of July 1st, 2018, in order to enable their declaration within the deadline and to avoid any penalty for late submission.

The General Directorate of Taxes remains committed to correctly inform all taxpayers.