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The General Director of Taxes, Mrs Vasilika Vjero, holds a press conference on the well progress of the touristic season

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs Vasilika Vjero, held a press conference during which she conveyed important messages to the taxpayers on the verge of this touristic season.


During her speech, Mrs Vjero highlighted the fact that during the touristic season many businesses, especially in the coastal areas, get reactivated and intensify their activity, in line with the flow of citizens. Such a thing gets a higher attention from the Tax Administration, which has already begun to be present everywhere and will continue till the end of the season.


“We would like to thank you all those taxpayers that responded positively to our call to self-correct and to self-declare their obligations. This is translated into a declaration of the real turnover, thus a higher turnover, use of tax coupons, fair invoicing. All these serve to encouraging the fair competition, registering the number of employees and payments of contributions for them. Therefore, for these entities that demonstrate accountability while conducting their activity, the Tax Administration will continue to have a more positive approach, by reducing tax inspections as long as they continue to self-declare and pay their liabilities on a regular basis. An opposite approach will be followed for those taxpayers that want to hide from the Tax Administration, by creating an unfair competition first of all, and, secondly, by avoiding legal obligations”, said Mrs Vjero.


The General Director of Taxes, also highlighted the fact that during the presence of the Tax Structures on site, they have identified taxpayers that conduct their activity as unregistered, or that have not yet reactivated it, that do not issue a tax coupon for every sale, that do not possess invoices for products or services, or that do not register their employees.


“We would like to publicly refer to these enterprises and say to them that there will be zero tolerance from the Tax Administration regarding the implementation of the law by these businesses, till their closure for a period of 30 days, what would seriously damage their activity. Of course, that we don’t prefer such a thing to happen, but everyone is equal in front of the law. Thus, there will be zero tolerance for anyone that would think that can conduct an illegal business activity or that would think that can evade legal obligations” said Mrs. Vjero.


The General Director of Taxes invited all citizens to cooperate in the fight against informality, thus refusing to pay if they don’t get a tax coupon in return.


Moreover, every employee can report cases of failure to pay the contributions for the work performed.


Therefore, the Tax Administration has made available the following: the free green number 0800 14 14, e-mail: You can send text messages, photos or video recordings in the number 069 70 73 733. Also, for any complaint, please refer to the Co-governance portal