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The Tax Investigation has inspected 1772 trade entities in the coastal areas, where approximately 49% of them resulted in violation

The Tax Investigation Directorate is conducting on-going inspections in the sector of tourism, with a special focus on the coastal areas in order to prevent and fight against informality, as well as ensure a well progress of the season.

A total of 1772 trade entities have been inspected for June 22nd – July 8th. Out of these, 49% of the entities (or 869) have resulted in violations, reaching a value of approximately ALL 30.4 million.

The biggest number of penalties has been imposed for failure to issue a tax coupon and such cases occupy approximately 22% of the total. For the three entities that failed to issue a tax coupon for the second time, the measure to seize their economic activity for 30 calendar days has been taken pursuant to the effective legislation.

Moreover, the inspections of the Tax Investigation Directorate showed that 54 entities were not registered in the tax authority. Whereas, 140 taxpayers were found to own goods not accompanied with the relevant tax documentation.

144 entities were penalized by the specialized structures of this directorate for failure to declare their employees in the tax authority.

The Tax Investigation Directorate at the GDT would like to attract the attention of all taxpayers operating in the touristic areas to comply with their legal obligations: to document goods in stock or in transport; to issue tax coupons/tax invoices for any transaction that the taxpayer conducts with his customers; to register all employees engaged in the business, whether full or part time, as well as to display the prices of sale for the goods and provided services.

In the framework of the plan of measures for the touristic season, these structures will verify more than 16,000 taxpayers throughout the country.