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The General Director of Taxes, Mrs Vasilika Vjero, in a press conference, made clear that the small business will not be penalized for errors in the VAT declaration, but it must implement the determined deadlines

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs Vasilika Vjero, in a press conference, conveyed important messages regarding the declaration deadlines to be complied with by the small business which has been included for the first time in the VAT scheme since April 1st, 2018.

All the small taxpayers included in this scheme, have today the last deadline to fill in and submit the books of sales and purchases. This is an obligation that does not bear any penalty, but it must be respected by taxpayers because these data constitute also the basis to further fill in the VAT simplified declaration.

The General Director of Taxes, Mrs Vjero, stated that according to the data available until now, there are more than 11,700 taxpayers that have the obligation to fill in the VAT simplified declaration. Such declaration is simply generated by the system and is a facility developed for the small taxpayers by the entire GDT administration.

Mrs Vjero said that out of approximately 11,700 declarations generated automatically by the system, around 60% are already filled in by the taxpayers belonging to the range between 2 to 5 million ALL. “We are talking about a very positive figure and there is still time to comply with this obligation. Please allow me to clarify that given that July 14th, which is the official deadline to fill in and submit the simplified declaration, is Saturday, the deadline will be postponed till Monday, July 16th”, said Mrs Vjero.

For the Tax Administration, the number of declarations generated until now (11,700) has exceeded expectations (9,900) and this shows the good work and efficient information and awareness campaign conducted for this business category.

The General Director of Taxes also clarified that those taxpayers that will not comply with the deadlines of filling in and submitting the VAT simplified declaration, shall be automatically included under the VAT liability. Small taxpayers must keep in mind the fact that for failure to submit the declaration within the deadline, there is a penalty of ALL 5000.

“Meanwhile, I would like to clarify all taxpayers that there will be no penalties for erroneous completion of the simplified declaration. We invite the taxpayers to use all the necessary infrastructure of the administration, that since months has been at the availability of this category to comply accurately with this obligation. Based on the data, until now there are only 50 declarations found with errors, which constitutes an almost negligible figure. All entities with errors have been advised and assisted to make the necessary adjustments. The Tax Administration is completely engaged toward the well progress of this process and it possesses all the capacities to manage it as effectively as possible”, said Mrs Vjero.

The General Directorate of Taxes, said Mrs Vjero, calls upon all taxpayers to use the available amount of time, thus till July 16th, to fill in and submit the VAT simplified declaration.

In case of any need or unclarity, the taxpayers can use all the infrastructure available, such as the Live Chat in the official website, the Call Centre in the free green line 0800 00 02.

Moreover, there are 13 Corners of Assistance working in all the Regional Directorates of Taxes in Albania. In these corners, the Taxpayers’ Service employees since the beginning of July, have assisted around 900 entities in order to accurately comply with their liabilities, such as the completion and submission of the books of sales and purchases, as well as of the VAT simplified declaration.