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Meeting with the IMF; positive remarks on the performance of the Tax Administration

The Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri, welcomed in a meeting senior representatives from the International Monetary Fund mission, who are visiting our country for one week.

The IMF mission, led by Mr Stephen Vesperman and Mr Allan Jensen, appreciated the performance up to date of the Tax Administration, the results achieved, as well the efforts being undertaken to enhance the database of taxpayers and service quality.

During the meeting at the General Directorate of Taxes there was an update on the recommendations given upon the conclusion of the agreement. The experts highlighted that the Tax Administration has made considerable progress during this period. The IMF mission expressed its readiness to continue with the assistance provided for the Tax Administration to improve the quality of inspections and enhance the expertise of the human resources.

On the other hand, the Deputy General Director of Taxes, Mr Xhavit Çurri introduced the experts with the reforms being undertaken by the Tax Administration, with the main projects under implementation such as the fiscalization, as well as the enhancement of online payments as a manner to reduce the contact among taxpayers and the Tax Administration, but also to save time and money.