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The GDT identifies the categories of professions that must do a real declaration of salaries

The Directorate of Risk at the General Directorate of Taxes is lately focused on analysing the level of salaries declaration by comparing them to the real salaries in the labour market.

The analysis has been focused on the professions providing services in the area of tourism as well as in that of the Information Technology. It has been observed that often employers do declare salaries that are considerably below the average level in the market or are close to the minimum salary threshold determined for the purposes of the social securities and health care insurance contributions. The Tax Administration will take all the actions provided for by the law, any tax evaluations and, where is the case, will submit charges in the prosecution office for taxpayers that avoid the law on purpose.

Firstly, the GDT encourages taxpayers to correctly fulfil the obligations, as well as to reflect the real salaries of their employees in the declarations and encourages every employee to report such phenomenon at the GDT offices.

The Tax Administration will continue to monitor such phenomenon and any irregularity or corrective omission, and will continue to take the measures provided for by the effective legislation.