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M-Tax e-Filing; Dear taxpayers, please use the application which informs you on the tax data

The General Directorate of Taxes aims more and more to assist the taxpayers in order to provide them with the adequate information on real time related to the declarations and payments carried out in the tax system by means of using the online declaration service.

It is precisely the M-Tax e-Filing application that assists all taxpayers at any time and at any place to be informed on their tax liabilities. The GDT encourages taxpayers to use this application as it is cost free and, moreover, they can be quickly informed on declarations and payments.

Also, via the application, all taxpayers will have the possibility to connect to the official website of the General Directorate of Taxes to get updated with the latest data.

The M-Tax e-Filing application operates in Android and iOS systems, and occupies very little space in the memory of your electronic equipment. The identification is done through the username (NUIS) and password.

The General Directorate of Taxes remains maximally committed to facilitate the procedures in order to provide at any time and at lesser costs qualitative services to every taxpayer.

The taxpayers can click in the following link to download it: