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August 20th is the last deadline to pay the withholding tax for dividends

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to remind to all taxpayers (trade companies/legal persons) that the last deadline to declare and pay the withholding tax for dividends shall be August 20th, regardless if the dividend payment to the beneficiaries has been performed or not.

In case of failure to declare or pay on time the tax on dividends, the provisions of the Law No. 9920, dated 19/05/2008 “On tax procedures in the Republic of Albania”, as amended, shall apply, which stipulate the following: a penalty amounting at ALL 10,000 for failure to submit on time the declaration on the withholding tax, as well as a penalty equal to 0.06% of the outstanding amount for every day that the payment has not been performed.

The General Directorate of Taxes remains committed to inform taxpayers on the accurate implementation of the legislation, as well as on declaring within the deadlines.