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The number of new businesses registered in the touristic areas increases by approximately 58%

The Tax Administration is still primarily focused on the touristic areas in order to ensure a fair development of the competition, income growth as well as the reduction of the rate of informality while the summer season is at its peak.

Referring to the data of the General Directorate of Taxes, the number of new registered businesses in the touristic areas for June 1st – August 13th was 1531 or 58% higher than the same period a year ago. The figures belong to the new entities registered in the Regional Directorates of Taxes in Durres, Lezha, Saranda, Shkodra and Vlora.

According to the data, the RDT of Saranda marked the highest increase with approximately 44% of the new businesses opened during the period under review, followed by the RDT of Lezha with approximately 33% and RDT of Vlora with approximately 24%.

The Tax Administration will continue to assist the taxpayers to comply with their legal obligations, as well as will take care to ensure the transparency required by the tourists.