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The number of new employees reached to 18,890 in the touristic areas for June – July 2018

One of the main objectives of the plan for the touristic season 2018 currently implemented by the General Directorate of Taxes definitely remains the increasing of jobs as well.

For June 22nd – August 6th 2018, the number of new employees was 18,890, this referring to the data generated by the “Declaration of the employees employed for the first time, recently employed and those dismissed”.

These figures belong to the Regional Directorates of Durres, Vlora, Shkodra, Lezha and Saranda, where tourism activity is mainly developed and reflect the daily work that the Tax Administration is doing to raise awareness among all entities operating in these areas regarding their legal obligations.

The Directorate with the highest number of new employments is the one of Durres, with 7657, followed by the RDT of Vlora with 4200, RDT of Saranda with 2641, RDT of Shkodra with 2238 and RDT of Lezha with 2154.

Moreover, in the framework of implementing the plan of measures for the touristic season, referring to the data owned by the General Directorate of Taxes, around 370 taxpayers have been found with undeclared employees, that have been included in the scheme of social security and healthcare contributions due to the inspections conducted during this period by the respective structures.

The GDT would like to encourage every employee to report cases of non-payment of contributions for the job performed, as well as the taxpayers to fulfil their obligations with accuracy.