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The GDT makes an appeal for self-correction to taxpayers with a reduction of turnover

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to make an appeal to all taxpayers to correctly fulfil their tax liabilities.

Based on the on-going monitoring, the Tax Administration has observed that there are active taxpayers that have had a reduction in the turnover declared in the fiscal equipment compared to the previous periods. The taxpayers will have to self-correct the reporting by reflecting the real activity conducted.

All the cases of taxpayers will be addressed by the sector of Inspection in every Regional Directorate of Taxes through appointments in the office, visits on site, fiscal visits in specific cases, as well as through any other communication means that would serve to the improvement of reporting the turnover with fiscal equipment.

The Tax Administration has also observed taxpayers that appear to not have regularly transmitted their daily sales. The taxpayers should inform the Tax Administration regarding the causes leading to the failure to transmit, as well as they should take the measures to amend the problem.

If following this the taxpayers will not take the necessary measures to improve the reporting with fiscal equipment and daily transmissions of sales, they shall become subject to tax inspections.

These categories of taxpayers will be notified via telephone by the Call Centre staff.

The aim of the Tax Administration is not to penalize, but to raise awareness among taxpayers on the voluntary compliance with the liabilities foreseen by the legislation.