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The GDT approves the rules for inspection of taxpayers from the office

The General Directorate of Taxes held the 19th meeting of the Compliance Committee, whereby they approved the risk analysis rules for the identification of taxpayers which will be inspected from the office.

This is a monitoring, verifying and evaluating process conducted by the Tax Administration for those taxpayers that have unclarities or inaccuracies in their declarations.

Subject to inspections will also be the taxpayers that are importers in the customs, but that result as passive in the tax authorities; those entities that purchase at businesses with a passive status, with a request for deregistration and deregistered, as well as those that appear to have inaccurate declaration of sales.

Inspections from the office will begin on November 1st, 2018.

The Tax Administration encourages all taxpayers to increase the level of tax compliance, as the best way to establish a partnership built upon mutual trust.