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The Tax Investigation conducts inspections in 1819 entities throughout the country; the amount of violations reaches to 19.8 million ALL

The Tax Investigation Directorate is intensifying its inspections in the framework of the operational plan that is being implemented in the main city centres and in the fuel stations.

Referring to the data of this structure, during October 1-11, 1819 entities have been inspected, out of which 602 have been identified in violation with the tax legislation. The amount of the imposed penalties reaches to around 19.8 million ALL.

More specifically:

  • 8 taxpayers had their business premises seized for 30 calendar days for failure to issue tax coupons (second time), respectively;
  • 50 entities have been found unregistered in the tax authorities and the measure to block them until their registration as VAT entities has been taken;
  • 149 taxpayers have been found in violation for failure to issue tax coupons (first time);
  • 44 taxpayers did not have their fiscal equipment installed, whereas 28 others did not keep them in operation;
  • 118 entities have been found to possess goods without the relevant tax documentation;

The Tax Administration in no case aims to punish taxpayers, but to raise their awareness on self-declaration and accurate fulfilment of their tax liabilities.