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The GDT participated in the Forum entitled “Fighting fraud schemes through VAT” held in Rome

The General Directorate of Taxes participated in the Forum entitled “Fighting the fraud schemes through VAT, 2018” held in Rome, Italy. This forum was organized by IOTA (Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations) in cooperation with the Italian Agency of Revenues (Agenzia Entrate). 

Around 70 participants from 34 member countries of IOTA shared their experiences on the latest trends in the financial fraud schemes with the Value Added Tax (VAT), the sectors mostly exposed to this risk as well as the manners how this phenomenon should be fought against.

During the forum, a special attention was dedicated to the fact of increasing cooperation among the Tax Administrations, Customs Administrations, as well as law enforcement agencies to prevent the cross-border fraud schemes facilitated by factors like: globalization, international trade and internet.

Lately, the General Directorate of Taxes, by means of its investigation structures, has successfully finalized several operations focused on the fraud schemes with VAT, meanwhile it is also working on detecting other cases.