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Taxpayers receive more online services; visits to front desks have reduced

One of the main objectives of the General Directorate of Taxes is definitely taking measures to facilitate procedures and to provide qualitative services at any time and at lesser costs.

All taxpayers can receive services electronically, as well as by visiting the Taxpayers’ Service offices in every Regional Directorate of Taxes.

Based on the data, 543,801 certificates have been issued electronically by the Tax Administration for January – September 2018 through the e-Albania portal for interested individuals and entities, as well as directly by the employees of the institutions involved in this portal.

Providing many services online has led to the considerable reduction of visits in the Taxpayers’ Service front desks. The contacts with the administration have been reduced, as well as the long queues and waiting hours. Therefore, a total of 26,871 certificates have been issued in the front desks for January – August 2018.

The specialists from the Taxpayers’ Service are available at any time to provide the required assistance and information regarding the needs that every taxpayer might have.