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The RDT of Fier is proclaimed as the “Directorate of the month” for its highest performance towards taxpayers

One of the main priorities in the work of the Tax Administration is to inform and educate taxpayers with accuracy. Serving to this approach, in all the Regional Directorates of Taxes there have been established and are operational the Taxpayers’ Service offices, the Corner of Assistance dedicated to small business, co-governance platform.

 One of the directorates where the Taxpayers’ Service has had one of the highest performances is definitely that of Fier, which has been selected as the “Directorate of the month” as well.

Referring to the data of the RDT of Fier, only for January – August 2018, 43,238 contacts with taxpayers and individuals have been carried out by means of all direct and electronic communication means. Information has been quickly received on all issues raised through the online communication platforms, thus reducing the direct contacts with the Tax Administration.

Moreover, in the framework of the information campaign on the inclusion in the VAT scheme of the small business, referring to the data of the RDT of Fier, 915 taxpayers received information in the Corner of Assistance only, whereas 940 small taxpayers were assisted on site.

Meanwhile, there is another information and education campaign being implemented by the GDT in all RDTs. There are 11 business categories (legal persons, natural persons, ambulant vendors, individuals and farmers) that are being acquainted with their tax right and liabilities through brochures and videos. This is in the framework of the Information Platform; a project being implemented with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). They contain information on all the steps of a business lifecycle, from registration, declaration, payment of liabilities, as well as other liabilities related to the Tax Administration.

The specialists of the Taxpayers’ Service will provide the adequate information at any time regarding any need that taxpayers might have.