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The GDT comes with an information platform on the rights and liabilities of taxpayers

The General Directorate of Taxes with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is undertaking an extensive information campaign for taxpayers.

Brochures and informative videos have been developed for 11 different categories of taxpayers (legal persons, natural persons, ambulant vendors, individuals and famers), that GDT will present you step by step. They contain thorough information on all the steps of a business lifecycle, from registration, declaration, payment of liabilities, as well as other rights and liabilities regarding the Tax Administration. The information has been customized for each of the identified categories as per the effective legislation and is provide in such formats that can be easily used and understood by everyone.

The aim of this initiative is to establish an extensive information platform, whether for existing businesses but also for the newly registered ones, on the steps to be followed in order to comply with the tax requirements. Moreover, the aim is to improve the collection of tax liabilities, especially for small and large enterprises.