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Manual on standardizing public service delivery in front desks

One of the priorities in the modus operandi of the General Directorate of Taxes is the provision of qualitative services, within a short time frame and at an efficient cost for taxpayers.

The approval of the DCM No. 624, dated 26/10/2018 “On approving the manual of standardizing, setting up and putting into operation the public service front desks” serves to this goal as well.

The goal of drafting this manual is to determine the rules on public service delivery, in order for the beneficiaries to obtain equal access and treatment, despite the institution responsible for its provision.

The manual defines unified standards for the establishment and operation of the service front desk, despite the manner of organization (service front desk, dedicated front deks or one stop shop, etc.). Moreover, it also determines the standards of the physical infrastructure, IT systems, manner of reporting, performance measurements, as well as building human capcities.

The Government as well as the Tax Administration aim to reduce administrative barriers, provide fast, efficient, transparent and qualitative services in line with the principle of division between front office and back office, as well as to develop customer care standards.

The Tax Administration remains committed to inform and educate all taxpayers with professionalism and dedication.