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More than 11,700 small businesses have been contacted on-site by the Tax Administration

The Tax Administration continues to show a special attention toward small business included in the VAT scheme. Therefore, the employees of the Taxpayers’ Service are intensively informing the small taxpayers whether in the business premises or in the premises of the administration.

Until now, 11,725 entities have been visited based on the data owned by the General Directorate of Taxes.

In the majority of cases, the employees of the regional directorates have contacted more than twice with the businesses and have closely introduced them with the obligations deriving from the inclusion to the VAT scheme.

Training sessions have been held for 3520 entities (36% of the total), according to a defined calendar.

During these sessions the small business has received the adequate information regarding the completion of the books of sales and purchases, simplified declaration of VAT, etc.

5751 entities (58% of the total) of small business have been informed at the 12 Corners of assistance.

The General Directorate of Taxes encourages all taxpayers to participate in the dedicated trainings, as well as to visit the Corners of assistance, call the Call Centre and use the Live Chat service for any unclarity that they may have.