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2035 violations have been observed by the Tax Investigation during the actions carried out in January-April 2018

The General Directorate of Taxes remains committed in the fight to prevent and combat informality. For the period January – April 2018, the Tax Investigation Directorate has inspected 12,671 commercial entities, out of which 2035 or 16% of the entities have resulted in violation at a value amounting at ALL 50 million.

The biggest number of penalties was on goods unaccompanied with tax invoices in 923 cases, which constitute 45% of the total. For failure to issue a coupon, 276 commercial entities have been penalized, whereas 25 entities have been closed down for 30 calendar days, 116 entities have been found unlicensed. A big number of entities have been penalized for employees not declared at the tax authority, precisely 174 entities have been penalized for keeping undeclared employees.

The Tax Investigation Directorate has also focused its work on preventing, identifying, detecting and fighting criminal offences in the area of taxes. Therefore, cases have been referred to the prosecution office for such purpose and in cooperation with the respective prosecution offices of the judicial districts these cases will continue to be investigated.

And more specifically: during January – April 2018, 67 commercial entities have been referred to the Prosecution Offices of Judicial Districts as per the respective competences, for 7 criminal offences with 85 offenders. 12 offenders have been arrested and the rest are being investigated on bail.

The Tax Investigation Directorate is still continuing its work to provide legal evidences in order to fight and prevent the illegal activity and send the offenders in front of the judiciary.