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Fiscal education; GDT becomes part of the dedicated program held in some secondary schools of Tirana

The awareness of the public on fiscal issues is one of the priorities of the work of the General Directorate of Taxes.

In this framework, the Ministry of Finance and Economy in cooperation with the General Directorate of Taxes and the Ministry of Education and Sports, developed a dedicated program on fiscal education in several secondary schools in the capital: “Emin Duraku”, “Edith Durham”, “1 Maji”, “Mihal Grameno”, “Hasan Vogli”, “Vasil Shanto”, “Jeronim De Rada”, “Pjetër Budi” and “Fan Noli”.  In two parallel classes, open classes were held every year with age groups from 10-15 years old.

During the fiscal education classes, the students got actively acquainted with the basic notions of taxes and taxation. This program aims at encouraging civic duties, solidarity, participation and self-consciousness on the rights and obligations, as well as increasing fiscal culture among youth.

The payment of taxes is often considered as an obligation mainly toward the state than a civic duty in favour of everyone. The challenge of this program is to abandon obligatory and restrictive behaviours, as well as building a relationship of cooperation between the state and the individual.

Also, the students were very much interested in different topics like: failure to issue a tax coupon, especially from businesses next to schools, reliability in tax administration by the respective institutions, issues related to informality, etc.

Fiscal culture is important for all citizens, especially for the youth, who are the future potential.