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The General Directorate of Taxes has informed 10,994 small businesses on-site

The General Directorate of Taxes is still continuing with its information campaign for small business, included in the Value Added Tax regime.

Based on the data owned by the GTD, 10,994 small business entities have been visited until now on-site by the specialized employees of the Taxpayers’ Service in all the regional directorates.

Moreover, for the same category of taxpayers, training sessions have been held for 3184 entities. In these trainings, the representatives of small business can take all the required information regarding the drafting and deadlines for submission of books of sales and purchases, as well as for the completion of the VAT declaration and the first deadline of submission, that is July 10th, 2018.

In the light of this campaign, according to the GDT data, 5605 small taxpayers have been acquainted with their legal obligations at the Corners of assistance (12 corners).

For the Tax Administration the participation of small business in these trainings is very important, because there they can receive the core knowledge on the scheme and can avoid potential errors during declarations. All interested parties can consult with the calendar of trainings in the official website of the GDT and become an active part of these sessions.

However, in any case, the specialized employees of the administration are ready to provide all the required assistance, whether in the premises of the administration, as well as in the business premises.