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The Regional Directorate of Taxes in Durres continues with the information of small business

The Director of the Regional Directorate of Durres, Mrs. Valbona Sako, conducted some inspection visits in those entities that for more than one month have become part of the VAT scheme, in order to get closely acquainted with the manner of implementation, as well as with the issues that may be faced. 

During these visits Mrs. Sako confirmed the will of the Tax Administration to support these taxpayers in accurately fulfilling the obligations, such as the drafting and submission of the books of sales and purchases, completion of the VAT declaration, etc.

In the RDT of Durres there are 1140 entities that are expected to declare VAT and more than 86% of them have been directly contacted in their business premises.

“The employees of Taxpayers’ Service are always ready to provide all the assistance to accurately declare, as well as to avoid any potential errors”, said Mrs. Sako.

The Tax Administration encourages the small business to continue and closely attend the dedicated training sessions, to visit the Corner of assistance for information, as well as to call the Call Centre or use the Live Chat service.