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Approximately 10,300 small businesses have been informed on-site on the VAT scheme by the Tax Administration

The Tax Administration is still continuing at all regional directorates to inform the small business that has already changed the tax liability.

In less than two months, the Taxpayers’ Service employees have conducted “face to face” meetings at the business premises with 10,357 entities of the small business.

For the same period, training sessions have been held for 2983 entities of this category. In these sessions the small business has been adequately informed regarding the completion of the books of sales and purchases, as well as of VAT declaration.

The Tax Administration has thoroughly informed 5105 small taxpayers at the Corners of assistance on their legal obligations and deadlines.

In any case, its employees are ready to provide all the assistance, whether in the premises of the administration as well as in the business premises in order to accurately, righteously and clearly inform on the legal obligations.

The information campaign for small taxpayers will continue till the completion of the first declaration.

The General Directorate of Taxes and all the structures engaged in this campaign are always available to provide a professional assistance whether in the premises of the administration, as well as in the business premises to inform as accurately and righteously as possible on the legal obligations. Moreover, the taxpayers are encouraged to become an active part of the dedicated trainings that will be held till the end of June.