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The General Directorate of Taxes calls upon all taxpayers to submit the income tax payment declaration for 2017

The General Directorate of Taxes, pursuant to its duties, aims not only to increase income, but also to raise the awareness of the taxpayers for the accurate implementation of the legal obligations that they have.

Based on the analysis of data, it appears that for 2017 there are 23,182 taxpayers that have the obligation to submit at the Tax Administration the declaration of the Income Tax payment. Out of this, 21,652 or around 93.4% of the total have already complied with this obligation.

For the 1528 taxpayers, that had not submitted this declaration, as per the legislation in force, the tax authorities conducted an automatic re-evaluation for the obligations that they must pay for 2017. From the taxpayers that underwent an automatic re-evaluation, 54 submitted their declaration for 2017.

The General Directorate of Taxes would like to make an appeal to all taxpayers that have not yet submitted the declaration of Income Tax payment for 2017, to take all the necessary measures to comply with this obligation. If such declaration is not submitted, the Tax Administration will consider these taxpayers as posing a risk and will undergo on-going inspections and investigations till the final submission of the declaration.  

For the General Directorate of Taxes, the awareness of taxpayers to accurately fulfil the tax liabilities remains a priority.